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James Crowe

6.00 AM

The alarm goes off, I wake up and rush to the gym.

7.15 AM

Slightly more awake, I return home and get ready for work.

7.45 AM

Find a seat on the train, selects a podcast to listen to – “How Super Volcanoes Work”. I regret listening to that, as I know worry about the end of the world! However, the train ride goes very quickly.

Wood James Crowe riding the train to work

8.25 AM

Arrive at Flinders Street Station and begin the short walk to work. As I walk up Collins Street, I peer into the Regent Theatre, Priscilla – Queen of the Desert is showing.  

Wood James Crowe arriving at Flinders Street Station

8.30 AM

I arrive at my desk. Turn the computer on and head to the communal kitchen – coffee time – much better. I return to my desk and browse through my emails. Interesting emails include project progress updates from my line manager as well as an invitation to the Wood Picnic Day – free food is always persuasive. 

9.00 AM

Acknowledging current project requirements, I begin creating a pipe class specification, complete with pipe wall thickness calculations. Essentially, certain services (fire water, foam, jet fuel, service water, etc.) for this project require a certain pipe class / material. Using our Client, a global diversified supplier of natural gas and oil, recommendations, I begin preparing a specification which outlines pipeline requirements. Sizes, fittings, flanges, materials, branch outlets, nuts and bolts, inspection and testing, allowable stress, etc. are all things that need to be considered.

10.30 AM

A quick meeting with another grad and Senior Piping engineer who are working on my project. The purpose of this meeting is to quickly run over any difficulties or achievements recently encountered. I contribute by suggesting a more appropriate standard that could be used to govern BSP threaded pipe fittings.

Wood James Crowe having a quick meeting with another graduate

11.00 AM

The past two weeks, I have been engaging in pipe stressing training. Wood uses a program called Caesar to model pipelines. From this, you can analyse local pipe stresses and potential failures that may occur. I find this interesting and very beneficial for my development.

12.30 PM

Lunchtime. Today, three colleagues and I head to Degraves Street for some Grill’d. I try to bring lunch into work most days, however, today is sunny and it is just too tempting to go outside and get some sunshine.

Wood James Crowe lunchtime with co-workers

1.30 PM

Print some Process & Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) drawings which require engineering checking. In particular, I am looking at types of valves, quantities and sizes. I draft an excel spreadsheet that captures all this information so that it can be used to prepare part of a piping estimate.

Wood James Crowe printing some Process and Instrumentation drawings

2.30 PM

Coffee break. I bring my note book to the kitchen and read over some of the things I have learnt today. This includes difference between duplex and super duplex steels, various effects temperature and pressure have on stress of pipe materials and reviewing previous wall thickness calculations.

3.00 PM

Vendor data. I begin to review some vendor documentation – material certificates, test procedures, detail drawings, etc.  This is important as it is vital to ensure quality in purchased materials and makes sure everything meets Client, Company and Regulatory Requirements. 

Wood James Crowe reviewing some vendor data

4.30 PM

Weekly meeting with all piping engineers that work on the Exxon Mobil Contract. Everyone shares status updates on their relevant project tasks and objectives. I find this very valuable as it helpful knowing what everyone else is working on. It gives insight on work load, allows colleagues to ask for extra resources and provides clarity on various projects. Projects such as these enhance my communication skills. 

5.30 PM

Home time. I clean up my desk, review my to-do list for Monday and shut down my computer. I catch the train home with a colleague. 

Wood James Crowe home time

6.30 PM

Dinner – vegetable stir-fry – I am still full from lunch.

8.30 PM

Take Benji (my little Jack Russell-Pug) for a walk to the nearby local park. 

10.30 PM

Netflix, bed, sleep.